He will fight for all of us!

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Advocate and fight for our neighborhoods.  

Rick Herring has spent his entire adult life not just serving Fort Worth, but fighting for our neighborhoods. Fort Worth is a great city and has a lot to be proud of, but too often city resources are not allocated fairly or equally. Some neighborhoods seem to thrive, while others are either ignored, or have to scrape and fight for their fair share of city resources. Rick has spent 30+ years fighting for his and for other neglected neighborhoods. On the City Council he will be able to fight that much harder for us. Every neighborhood should have the opportunity to grow and prosper along with the rest of the city.

Managing Fort Worth’s development and growth.

There is no denying that Fort Worth is growing rapidly. And while growth and new development are good things for our city, providing new opportunities and jobs for our residents, that same growth can stress city services and infrastructure to near its breaking point. As your City Councilman, Rick Herring will dedicate himself to making sure that the new development we have happens in a way that doesn’t take badly needed resources from neighborhoods and projects in a way that adversely affects our existing residents and neighborhoods. New developments need to shoulder their fair share of the costs of city services associated with their projects. We can be both welcoming to new residents and businesses and protect the interest of the people and families already here..

Property Taxes.

Property Taxes represent a significant burden to most Fort Worth residents. High tax rates have combined with increasing appraisal valuations due to Fort Worth’s booming housing market to make property taxes a seemingly ever increasing problem. Our city leaders must recognize that this situation is unsustainable for many residents and must be addressed in a real and meaningful way. Those hit hardest are those least able to deal with it, particularly seniors, retired people, and low income families with children. Too often our city approaches property taxes backwards. We give tax breaks and abatements to businesses that can afford to pay their fair share, and ignore the suffering of our residents who are struggling under the increasing tax burden. As a city we need to prioritize making our tax system fairer and more equitable..

Keep us safe in the streets and our homes.  

One of the most fundamental jobs of a city is to ensure the safety of its citizens and protect them and their property from those who would do them harm. Fort Worth spends huge amounts of money between its city budget and the additional money citizens contribute via their taxes paid to the Crime Control and Prevention District on police and law enforcement. Fort Worth residents have the right to feel safe in public as well as in their homes and businesses. Making sure the resources are available and properly spent to train our officers and protect our residents and their property will be one of his highest priorities..