Rick Herring for Fort Worth

He will fight for all of us!

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A message from Rick Herring

Saturday, June 10:

“Friends and supporters, while the City Council District 11 election didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, I am so extremely proud of the campaign we ran. We ran a clean campaign with integrity and honor. This has been a long road since last summer when people from across District 11 started asking me if I would run for City Council. I want to thank a number of people: Tara Maldonado Wilson for her endorsement and work on my campaign for the last several weeks; my professional team – Consultant Travis Parmer, Phyllis Allen and Maribeth Ashley; my family and my partner Ken Hicks for their support, encouragement and sacrifices during this campaign; and my donors who made the campaign possible. And most importantly, my AMAZING volunteers from Riverside and Meadowbrook, who gave and gave and gave – walking, calling, writing, poll greeting – you name it, they did it over and over and were always willing to give more. You amaze me and I appreciate you all so much! I have spoken to my opponent Jeanette Martinez – now Councilwoman-Elect Martinez – and congratulated her and offered my support to her in any way possible. Many thanks to all of you who have supported our campaign, and I hope we will work together as we forge the new District 11 into existence and work to protect, strengthen and improve the neighborhoods of District 11.”

About Rick Herring

Rick Herring has spent the last 30+ years working to make his Riverside neighborhood, and all of Fort Worth a better, safer, more desirable place to live.

As the City Councilman for the newly created District 11, Rick will bring his passion for our neighborhoods directly to City Hall.

He will fight for all of us!

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Advocate and fight for our neighborhoods.

Rick Herring has spent his entire adult life not just serving Fort Worth, but fighting for our neighborhoods.

Managing Fort Worth’s development and growth.

There is no denying that Fort Worth is growing rapidly. And while growth and new development are good things for our city, providing new opportunities and jobs for our residents, that same growth can stress city services and infrastructure to near its breaking point.

Property Taxes.

Property Taxes represent a significant burden to most Fort Worth residents. High tax rates have combined with increasing appraisal valuations due to Fort Worth’s booming housing market to make property taxes a seemingly ever increasing problem.

Keep us safe in the streets and our homes.

One of the most fundamental jobs of a city is to ensure the safety of its citizens and protect them and their property from those who would do them harm.

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